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Y&B's Favorite War Paints!

Y&B's Favorite War Paints!

Happy New Year everyone! As we step into the new year, most of us are trying to find ways to be better, happier, healthier versions of ourselves. One of the things I want to focus on in my self improvement journey is ridding myself of self doubt. I want more confidence to just go for it, not question if I’m good or talented or qualified enough and to be even more bold and courageous in my pursuits. I made small strides last year in this area but I want to absolutely kill it this year.

Everyone who knows me knows my affinity for lipstick! It is hands down my favorite item of makeup. During my breast cancer journey my love for lipstick grew even more. I was a hairless, rash covered, puffy, and pale cancer patient. Basically, a really unattractive Tweety Bird. lol I could not stand to look at myself in the mirror. In fact, looking at my reflection literally brought me to tears some days. I knew I was sick but I didn’t want to look like I was sick. I didn’t want anyone's pity.  It all took a lot of getting used to. You look at sick people all the time in movies, commercials or PSA’s and then when you ARE that sick person, it’s kind of frightening.

Instead of letting breast cancer take all of the control I decided to find ways to take some of it back. Finding ways to make myself feel beautiful and feminine was one of my ways of “sticking it” to breast cancer. Lipstick and perfume became my weapons. Putting those two items on gave me some of my power back. It’s all about finding ways to take some of your power back! Right, SURVIVOR SISTERS?!

Now that I’ve kicked breast cancer in the A-S-S and the sucky part is over, that still hasn’t stopped my addiction to war paints or not knocked me down from being a Rouge member at Sephora. (Sshhhhhh. Don’t tell my husband.)

Lipstick is part of the uniform, honey. It’s what I rock on the days I'm in a funk or on a dreaded Monday that I don't want to go into the office or on the days that I need to remind myself that I'm a bad ass bitch.

I love a good, bright shade of pink or orange in the summer, a nude shade when I’m on the go, or a bold shade of burgundy in the winter, but I’ve gotta say my go to lip (and nail color) is always RED! I have fallen into the matte lipstick craze the last few years but I can’t wait for the new trends of 2019! I hear shiny + metallic lips are making a comeback! Yeassssss! I used to love a gold, shiny lip in the 90’s!!!

So here’s a list of my favorite War Paints! (In no particular order)

  1. Nars - “Cherry Bomb

  2. Stila -  “Beso Shimmer”

  3. MAC-  “Ruby Woo” - Oldie but goodie! This shade is like Sisterhood of the Traveling Lipsticks! It works on everyone!!!

  4. Pat McGrath - “Flesh 3

  5. Pat McGrath - “Deep Orchid

  6. Nars - “Under My Thumb

  7. Fenty - “Spanked

  8. Huda Beauty - “Snobby” - Yaaaaay shimmer! This will go great on top of your favorite war paint!

  9. Lip Fetish Cosmetics - “Char” -  Ok, so this brand is just DOPE. There’s a shade for every girl and it’s a brand that I’ve supported from the beginning. I love the shades, the wear (yesssss pigment!), the packaging and the marketing too! Go get some!

  10. MAC - “Relentlessly Red

  11. Bare Minerals - “Everything

  12. Tarte - “Fomo”

  13. Pat McGrath - “Full Blooded

  14. Sephora - “Popsicle Lips

  15. NYX - I can’t choose just one! They have such a wide range of shades and textures to suit whatever mood you’re in! I even wore NYX lipstick on my wedding day! That’s how much I love the stuff and it can be found at your local Target or drug store.


Maybe lipstick isn’t your thing. Maybe it’s a favorite pair of shoes, mascara, eye shadow or a special fragrance that gives you that extra va-va-voom. Whatever that “thing” may be, use it to help you push through the tough days. Every day isn’t perfect but a little war paint always helps me fight a little harder. And no matter what, make sure you never forget, you are beautiful, bold and brave no matter what!



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