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Y&B's Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Cancer Cutie

Y&B's Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Cancer Cutie

15. The Five-Minute Journal - Honey, what we need during our cancer journey is all the positivity we can get and constant reminders of all the great things we have to be thankful for despite the circumstances. This FIVE-MINUTE JOURNAL is awesome!

Each day you can write 3 things you are thankful for + 3 things that would make today great + Daily affirmations.

A regular journal for writing would be great too!


14. Head Scarves + Accessories - For the gals like me who refused to wear a wig daily. There are so many different vendors out there that sell these fashionable scarves, but this site was always my go-to. Take your pick! There’s so many to love!


And for the bald and the beautiful, a fun pair of earrings goes a LONG way. There’s a pair for every girl! Bauble bar has a line in Target called, SugarFix! While you’re out running errands this week, stop to your local Target and check it out. Really cute options that you can grab at a great price!


13. Adult Coloring Books - Talk about free therapy! I had this is in my chemo bag for each chemo sessions. Those first few sessions can be LOOONG. The first few hours will be (hopefully) spent in Benadryl induced sleep but when you wake up so will your nerves. A coloring book is a great distraction and stress reliever.

They even have some that swear! lol


12. HATS! - Sometimes you don’t want to wear a head-wrap or a scarf but you need SOMETHING on your head. And some folks were just bald and beautiful! But having options is never a bad thing! This is still one of my faves!


11. Sage - Hippy alert!!! Yes!!! Sage has been known for healing, stress relief, mood boosts, and just all around good vibes. This is the perfect gift at the perfect time of year. Let’s kick out that bad juju before 2019!

10. Lindi Cream - My skin was out of control during my cancer journey. This is NOT an exaggeration. I had a chemo rash that would NOT QUIT. Not everyone experiences this during their journey but I do know that almost all of my fellow breasties have had to deal with dry skin. One of my wonderful friends mailed me this after one of my brutal chemo treatments. Its gentle, soothing and made for us!

9. Queasy Drops - Nausea was probably one of the worst side affects to deal with. At some point you get tired of Ginger Ale and you need something else. Queasy drops helped tremendously!

8. War Paint - No, not actual war paint. Lipstick, silly! Lipstick did a little something extra for my self esteem when every single hair had fallen off my head, I had a chemo rash, and felt (and looked) like complete shit. Lipstick isn’t for everyone but if you know of something that your chemo cutie is into, buy it. Maybe it’s lip gloss or perfume! Every little bit helps! Lipstick was my JAM. It made me feel pretty and POWERFUL.

7. Faux Fur Throw - I was gifted a few blankets during my breast cancer journey, but my faux fur blanket was by far my favorite. Its soft, SUPER plush and kept me cozy when those chemo side affects would kick in.

6. Food Delivery - The mood to cook came in spurts for me. It’s usually something I really enjoy, but during my cancer journey, there were many times after surgery and after chemo that I just didn’t have the energy to do anything. Whether you send them food via Uber Eats, Door Dash, some other cool food delivery service, this a thoughtful gesture that will be beyond appreciated. And you know what would top everything I’ve just mentioned? A meal prepared by you!

5. Diffuser - Because, lets keep it zen baby.

4. F*CK Cancer Socks - Because it’s really all about kicking Cancer’s ass from start to finish.

3. Alkaline Water Pitcher - It’s been said that there are many health benefits of having your body in an alkaline state. And even mores o for us cancer fighters.

2. Flower Delivery Service - One of my awesome friends gifted me with a 6 month flower subscription. Do you know what a treat that was to have that arrive in the mail each month? It put a smile on my face EACH AND EVERY TIME.

1. YOUR TIME - Forget all the rest of what I’ve put on this list. Your time trumps all of it. When you’re fighting something as shitty as breast cancer, you’ve got all of these drugs flowing through your body, mental and physical trauma from all of it — having a friend or relative give you their time in any capacity can put a smile on our faces.

Flowers die, material items get tossed in a corner eventually, but your time — that is something that money can’t buy.

I loved it when my friends would come over and lay on the couch with me during my really horrible “hell weeks” that followed chemo, or the friends that would call after work to check one, or check in after a doctor’s appointment or chemo session to see how it went and how I feel. We appreciate every visit, phone call, email, text, Facebook message, and thoughtful gesture that shows us that you are thinking of us, rooting for us and loving us. 

NOW GO! RUN! You’ve got awesome gifts to buy!

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